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Algarve Handicrafts

Algarve Handicrafts

Take home a souvenir from your stay in the Algarve, one of the many pieces reflecting the handicrafts of the region.

The culture of the Algarve people is evident in the care with which they skilfully make strips from the leaves of the dwarf palm. Used in its natural colour or tinted with others, the palm leaf is used for producing hats, flat baskets and mats.

On the banks of the river Guadiana you can see how men use the canes to make light and resistant baskets in which you can carry food for a picnic.

You can also admire the bedspreads woven on old wooden looms, the rag-dolls and the fine bobbin lace.Thanks to their quality and ornamental beauty, the glazed ceramics and the pottery of the region, together with the small furniture and wooden toys, are pieces you’ll want to collect. You can buy these at both shops and market stalls.
On your journey through the arts and crafts of the Algarve, do not forget the new trends, from glazed tiles to stained-glass windows, embroidery and tapestries.

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