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 Algarve Holidays.

Algarve Holidays.

Algarve - Portugal, very quiet and breathtakingly beautiful, dotted with endless sandy beaches under a golden sun. Algarve is the most southern region of the country. The north of the Algarve is protected by a chain of mountains from the north winds, and in the south, the Atlantic's warm currents contribute to maintaining a uniquely mild climate. More than 200 km of sandy beaches, most of which are protected by rocky cliffs.

The Algarve attracts tourists from Europe throughout the year, allowing for 300 sunny days of average temperatures of 25 degrees in summer and 18 degrees in winter.

Curiously, the ancient Romans called the Algarve the 'end of the world' meaning it was the end of the habitable world. People's perception of the world has changed since then, but Cape St. Vincent is the most south-western point of Europe. The Algarve embodied numerous legends of ancient traditions and infused with modern culture and blooming nature.

The locals are proud of their traditions, which are reflected in the festivals and fairs, arts and crafts, as well as excellent cuisine. Algarve is famous for its excellent fish dishes and seafood, succulent lobsters, grilled sardines, wines and port wines, confectionery products, apart from the wonderful lamb, natural olive oil with low acidity, and excellent coffee.

Algarve is currently an international tourist center with a booming economy. During its long history, the Algarve has managed to keep its main wealth - the reputation of hosting and welcoming people to one of the safest and most peaceful places in Europe.

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