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The Ultimate Algarve Wine Guide

The Ultimate Algarve Wine Guide

Despite what people might think, the Algarve has much more to offer than just fantastic beaches, it also has a wine region that is worth a visit.

This Algarve Wine Guide will give you all the information you need to explore the delicious wines of this region.


The Algarve's Wine Region

The Algarve wine region is divided between Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira.

The traditional grape varieties are used to produce wines with a pleasantly fruity taste and low levels of acidity afforded high alcohol content by the sun of the region’s typically Mediterranean climate.

There is a wide variety of different wines, but as an accompaniment to the delicious Algarve cuisine, we particularly recommend the Vida Nova wine from Albufeira, Balsa from the Tavira region, Alvor Vinho Regional Algarve, or Tapada da Torre, from Portimão.



Tavira's vineyards are located in a region with sandier soils and sheltered from the winds. Being a region with little rain and wind, and a higher number of warm hours, the harvest starts earlier than in other regions.

Tavira has in prominence the AL Ria, Marchalégua and Terras da Luz wines, characterized for being soft, velvety, fruity, and dry.



Besides its southerly location and its south-facing amphitheatre exposure, Portimão also has the protection of the Monchique mountains against the cold northerly winds. It also has calcareous soils, low rainfall, and good exposure to the sun. All these characteristics make the municipality of Portimão a unique region to produce high-quality wines.

Portimão's best known wine producers are Quinta do Herdade dos Pimenteis, Morgado da Torre and Quinta da Penina.



It is in Lagoa that some of thebest wines in the Algarve are produced. These are wines which quality is recognised by oenologists and the general public.

Some of the best-known wine producers in Lagoa are Adega Única, Monte dos Salicos, Morgado do Quintão, Quinta dos Santos or Quinta dos Vales, which combine traditional wine tasting and farm visits with genuine and memorable experiences such as a visit to one of the oldest wineries in the country, artistic creation, or the secular history of a family vineyard.


Other drinks to taste in the Algarve

Monchique is the region that produces medronho, the very particular brandy made in copper stills from arbutus berries, using age-old distilling methods.

The liqueursare also the result of ancient recipes, including the highly regarded ‘aguardente’ (brandy), to which different aromatic herbs have been added, such as pennyroyal, mint, fennel or aniseed, or such diverse fruits as oranges, strawberries, or almonds.


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