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The Best Surfing Places in the Algarve (Portugal)

The Best Surfing Places in the Algarve (Portugal)


Over the last few years, Portugal has established itself as one of the main tourist destinations in Europe, due to its history, culture and reputation as a cheap and safe country.

The south of Portugal is one of the most touristic and also the most beautiful regions of the country. The fame of this region is mainly due to its golden beaches with clear water, warm weather, and almost 300 days of sunshine per year, which is therefore considered the region with the best climatic conditions in Europe.

The attention of surfers focuses on the long coastline that Portugal offers, where you can find some of the best spots in Europe. If Algarve is in your plans and surfing is part of your lifestyle, then: this post is for you!

ezClick Transfers, a company that provides convenient and affordable transport services from the airports in the Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto, has compiled everything you need to know about the best surf spots in the Algarve, Portugal.


Best Season to Visit Surfing Spots in the Algarve


Although you can surf all year round in the Algarve, the waves are bigger in winter than in summer, so the best time for more experienced surfers is between September and April. On the plus side, winter in the Algarve is quite mild and almost feels like spring! However, it is not always easy to know where the best waves are on a daily basis, because each beach has its typical swell due to tide or wind. Before you decide to go to a certain beach, it is recommended that you check the weather forecast.


Top 8 Best Surfing Spots In The Algarve


Falésia Beach

Falésia beach - Surf Spots in The Algarve

Falésia Beach is located in Albufeira and has an extensive sandy beach, which stretches from the Olhos de Água area to Vilamoura, flanked by a line of high and fascinating cliffs. In addition to having excellent water quality, it is also very clean and it is possible to do adapted surfing, on this beach surfing is a sport for everyone. The beach has a sandy bottom and it is possible to surf when the waves come from the southwest. The waves are usually friendly and fun, so it is safe for beginners. The main peak, on the other hand, can be heavier and more appreciated by experienced surfers.


Tavira Island

The beach is situated at the extreme east of Tavira Island, it has warm water and a blue flag (symbol of environmental quality, safety and comfort). The beach corresponds to the most humanized section of Tavira Island, where there are several lookout houses, camping sites, and countless tourist facilities, including bars on the sand. It is also possible to find local support to practice nautical activities and to take cruises through the Ria Formosa. Tavira Island is easily accessed by boat and it is one of the best places to surf for beginners! When the wind comes from the southeast direction, the best waves are created, providing a fun surfing environment!


Amado Beach

In the municipality of Aljezur, there are numerous beaches with characteristics and excellent conditions for surfing, one of these beaches is Amado Beach, near Carrapateira, and the most popular and well-known surfing locations in the Algarve. Amado beach is located in a protected area, so the surf schools and camps are located in Lagos and they travel daily to Amado beach to surf. This is a surf spot with a sandy bottom and some rocks, where a hollow wave breaks, powerful and fun, and the best of all is that these waves, between 0.5m and 3m (beach-break), form all year round.


Arrifana Beach

Arrifana Beach is also located in the municipality of Aljezur, near Lagos, has a blue flag, and is a little more protected from the northwest wind than other beaches on the west coast of the Algarve. This is a beautiful beach, with sand and rocky bottom and, similar to the previous surf spot, the waves also break hollow, powerful, and fast. This real wave magnet is great for beginners. But when the waves are huge (between 2 and 3m), the level of difficulty and danger increases, and at these times, the waves are only recommended for experienced surfers.


Mareta Beach

The first beach on the southern coast, located in the town of Sagres, is Mareta, protected from the winds and with dominant waves. This Algarve beach has a sandy bottom, where fast and fun waves break, but unfortunately only a few times during the year. It works with southeast winds, and the waves are usually between 0.5m to 1.5m, a good beach break. Praia da Mareta is not only a great place to learn to surf, it may be the only place sufficiently sheltered to surf in the winter months.


Tonel Beach

On the west side of Ponta de Sagres, Praia do Tonel is sheltered from the prevailing wind and offers top waves. The pedestrian access to the beach is via a wide ramp carved out of the cliff, where you can observe very marked ravines, sculpted by the flowing rainwater. The waves are consistent but varied, all year round, making this an excellent beach for beginner and intermediate surfers.


Beliche Beach

The Beliche beach, in the north of Sagres, contains fantastic cliffs that protect it from the north and east winds. The beach is located in the Sagres Biogenetic Reserve, due to its importance for biodiversity. As for the access, you have to go down an immense staircase, which allows you to appreciate the cliffs and the small caves in the rocks, which give it an air of remote and unexplored nature. This surf spot has a sandy bottom with few rocks, the waves can be quite rough and big and the current can be strong, so it is recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers.


Zavial Beach

The Zavial Beach has a strong nature component, being very clean and there is only one development in the area: a restaurant. The cliff that delimits the beach to the west is high and imposing and is usually climbed by surfers checking out the swell. Zavial is a beach much looked at by surfers, the eastern stretch of the beach is more peaceful. surfable waves range from 0.5m to 3m (point-break). Both beginners and more experienced surfers can be found on this beach, but the western side of the beach is an intense barreling break, so it is better for more experienced surfers.


Surf Schools and Accommodation near the Algarve beaches


Algarve Surf School

The Algarve Surf School has a Surf Club and a Surf Lodge in Sagres, whose aim is to create a welcoming home-from-home environment for travelers and introduce the joy of learning to surf.


Jah Shaka Surf

Jah Shaka Surf is one of the leading surfing companies in Portugal, and they provide a variety of surf camp-style accommodation throughout the Algarve and various dedicated surf packages.



One of the main reasons for choosing Aeromar is the proximity of the Faro beach just "a hop" away from your room.


Sagres Time

The Sagres Time has numerous 1 and 2 bedroom accommodations. Moreover, they also have additional services, such as surf lessons on the best beaches with the best waves in Sagres.


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