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Boat on The Guadiana Algarve

Boat on The Guadiana Algarve

Running along the northeastern border of the Algarve, the River Guadiana offers some beautiful scenery as you head towards the beaches of the southern coastline. 

Discover the various border routes of the Guadiana Valley by taking a boat up the river to Alcoutim. Between the Guadiana banks, you’ll enjoy an excellent view of tidal mills and Mediterranean scrublands. 

Take some time to explore this protected area, the natural habitat of a wide range of fauna and flora. Glide through areas of pastureland, past cultivated fields, and ancient remains from the Neolithic period to the times of the Roman and Moorish occupations.

Here and there, you’ll find small towns with an ancient and well-preserved heritage. Visit some of them and discover a different way of life, far removed from the cosmopolitan beaches of the coast. 

Follow the flight of storks and observe pink clouds of flamingos as they fly through the sky. Stop for a visit at The Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António Salt Marsh Nature Reserve, an area popular with many migratory birds. 

Finally, explore the landscape of the Castro Marim saltpans, with their white hills of salt amidst the green of the fields and the blue of the river.

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