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Christopher Columbus' house, Porto Santo, Madeira.

Christopher Columbus' house, Porto Santo, Madeira.

Somewhere in the Atlantic is a group of islands where imagination becomes reality and where former mariners opted for a quiet life. 

Among the houses of Porto Santo, the most notable is the one where Christopher Columbus lived, nowadays a museum. This great seafarer, who married a daughter of the Captain-in-Chief of the island, Bartolomeu Perestrelo, is still linked to the island through this Museum-House. 

The museum provides a glimpse of history and the voyages of Christopher Columbus and his time in Porto Santo.
Of special interest are the old maps of America and Madeira, together with historical engravings of romantic impressions of the arrival of the Europeans in the Indies and a vast collection of portraits of Columbus. 

Visit this museum and find out a little more about the history of Porto Santo and the Portuguese voyages of discovery!

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