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Diving in Azores Portugal

Diving in Azores Portugal

Underwater activities in the Azores, principally diving to observe marine life, are an important tourist attraction that is gaining increasingly more fans. 

In any of the other islands in the Azores, the bottom of the sea always provides a breathtaking sight, due to the variety and quantity of fish and the geological configuration of the seabed, which is full of large caves and arcades. 

The volcanic origins of the islands, with their ‘thermal fields‘, are one of the most spectacular of all deep underwater landscapes. Hot water bursts out from vents in the rocks, a little like thermal springs on land, providing excellent conditions for tourist expeditions, and scientific ones as well. A number of islands boast infrastructures and companies orientated to this activity. For this reason, we suggest the following: if you like diving and observing marine life, the Azores is a destination of unforgettable beauty. 

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