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 Lisbon's best eating

Lisbon's best eating

Lisbon is the most tempting place for those who enjoy a good meal. The city has a very rich cuisine to offer its visitors, with a wide variety of high-quality and very tasty dishes. 

It is said that the inhabitants of Lisbon know how to enjoy their food and this is indeed true. By this, we mean that they eat well, trying a little bit of everything and, above all, "not being fussy". Whatever we may mean, what really matters is that the typical Lisbon cuisine is rich and very varied. And, while we’re on the subject, let us blow our own trumpet and say loud and clear: our food is certainly very tasty. 

Lisbon has restaurants to suit all tastes and, just like all large capitals, it has a number of restaurants of great quality, offering a range of sophisticated and award-winning cuisine, others offering more regional flavors, and yet others of a more international variety. Some of these enjoy the further guarantee that is provided by the opinions of international guidebooks. As the city is a meeting place for different cultures, it is natural that various kinds of cuisine should come together in Lisbon.

The Portuguese are particularly fond of tasty snacks, such as snails or peixinhos da horta (runner beans fried in batter). But, let there be no doubt, it’s the typical regional cuisine, the truly Portuguese cuisine, that really deserves people’s attention. Those who enjoy eating, who regard lunch or dinner as an important cultural event, cannot go without a good meal, normally washed down with fine wine, and accompanied by some friendly conversation. 

The journey that we propose is a journey into a world of different flavors, taking you through at least half a dozen of Lisbon’s best-loved and most typical dishes. Enjoy your meal! 

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