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Madeira Island for couples

Madeira Island for couples

Known as the island of flowers, Madeira has unforgettable sunsets, fantastic scenery, and romantic restaurants. The island of Madeira is the perfect place for a romantic get-away. 

Wonder hand in hand through the Botanic Gardens or the Orchid Gardens. Stroll through the parks at Monte or Ribeiro Frio. Explore the Levadas (mountain irrigation channels) of the Caldeirão Verde and the 25 Fontes (fountains). Admire more than two thousand plant species with huge varieties of exotic flowers. Visit the Laurissilva Forest. Classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, it boasts trees such as the laurel and the white poplar and birds such as the kestrel and the long-toed wood pigeon. Take the opportunity to plunge into the natural swimming pools at Porto Moniz or the Garajau Natural Reserve and hire a sailing boat for a romantic trip off the coast. 

For a truly gastronomic day out, have lunch by the sea in Fora d’ Água, enjoy a traditional English tea at Reid’s, sample the fusion cuisine at Choupana Hills and later try vodka with mango sorbet at the Café do Museu. 

And don’t leave this “floating garden” without toasting your journey with a glass of the famous Madeira wine at the Madeira Wine Institute.

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