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Madeira Thalassotherapy

Madeira Thalassotherapy

Rich in health-improving minerals and elements, seawater will help you to feel better, healthier, and full of energy. Treat yourself to the pleasures of Thalassotherapy on the island of Porto Santo. 
Thalassotherapy uses the tonifying, hydrating and rejuvenating properties of seawater and seaweed to help you feel better and healthier. The face and body treatments rich in iodine and countless other elements of great importance for our bodily health will help you achieve an incomparable feeling of well-being. 

On the island of Porto Santo - in a privileged location next to the sea - experience the benefits of thalassotherapy at the Vila Baleira Clinic, treating your body to the relaxing, draining, re-mineralizing, and weight-loss programs. With its temperate climate and the peace and quiet that can be found only in secluded locations, Porto Santo offers various facilities set in the surrounding countryside and equipped with all the latest specialized equipment. Take a few hours off for a walk along the golden sands of the island’s beaches or play a round of golf. 

Or go on an excursion to the nearby island of Madeira by boat or plane and discover the natural beauty of the island. At the Hotel Crowne Plaza Thalassotherapy Centre, you can also experience the benefits of seawater and seaweed treatments and pamper yourself with massages with hot volcanic stones and essential oils. Make the most of what the island offers and go back home feeling like a completely new person! 

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