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Portugal Wines

Portugal Wines

Portugal, over the last few years, has become more recognized as a producer of wines. Although better known for its Port and fruity Brandies, wine, is now by far a more popular drink in Portugal.

White Wines are generally fruity, light and citrus coloured. They have an average of 12 alc. vol. of alcohol and should be drunk preferably at a temperature of 6ºC to 10ºC. They are ideal to accompany cold meats & fish.

Red Wines are characterized by their smooth, fruity taste and ruby colour, which improves with maturity. They have an average alcohol content of 12 alc. vol. and are accompanied best by meat or cheese. They should preferably be drunk when mature at between 18ºC - 20ºC temperatures.

Green Wines are solely produced in Portugal. These wines have an alcoholic volume between 8 - 11.5 alc. vol. They are white, very light, dry and slightly spicy, with a delicate and fruity aroma. they are ideal during warm seasons, preferably accompanying cold meats, fish and seafood.

Port Wine, possibly the most famous Portuguese drink, is a fortified wine mainly produced in the Douro Valley. Port wine was once drunk almost exclusively in England, nowadays it is exported worldwide. Modern-day Portuguese have developed a taste for Port although they prefer the white as an aperitif as opposed to the sweet red.

Rose Wines are known worldwide, their alcoholic strength is in average between 11 - 12 alc.vol., they are very light in colour, have a fruity aroma, are slightly dry with a soft texture and are ideal for a quiet romantic evening.


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